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A Day in the Life at River Shannon Brewery 1.0

For those of you out there interested in starting a business or curious about the life working in a microbrewery here is a day in the life of working at River Shannon Brewery. Unlike other jobs it isn’t typically a 9-5, the day usually starts around 9 with checking the analytics for the website and social media. Strategies are implemented to track, monitor and improve these analytics.

I proceed to roll out the social media plan, designing posts for the day and the future. I then respond to emails, queries that occurred in the previous 24 hours. I then also follow up with the businesses LinkedIn and Twitter to make sure its active, that we are responding to tweets, messages and posts. Social Media is very important to building brand awareness and creating loyal customers and we focus 2 hours a day to work on this.

At around 11 or 12 is SEO time. Blogs are the best and easiest ways to keep a website current. For the past month we have been actively working on blogs. Blogs provide us with a platform to offer informative information about River Shannon Brewery and the craft beer industry. We want to provide a platform to entertain and educate. We usually spend an hour a day working on blogging.

After lunch we fulfil any orders, we have and work on the future of River Shannon Brewery. We are an innovative driven team that are constantly planning and organising for the future. With a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline time is allocated daily to working on these. Across the evening we are active on social media or sampling other craft beer to research new exciting flavours for our beer from Ireland and further afield. As you will see in later blogs we have explored parts of Europe for not only new flavours but to experience drinking cultures. We plan to visit South East Asia in the near future, it’s a place that has a developing craft beer scene with exciting new flavours, brewing method and accompaniments. Keep an eye out on the near future for blog posts and social media posts on River Shannon Brewery’s travels.

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