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Welcome To
River Shannon Brewery

River Shannon Brewery produces quality craft beer enriched by our unique heritage and location. The Midlands of Ireland has specialised in brewing and distilling since 1824 and our team is proud to continue this tradition. Our products and flavours are energised and inspired by the strengths and identity of our region.



For over two hundred years brewing and distilling has thrived along the banks of the river Shannon. Historically the river provided excellent accessibility while the adjoining rich limestone land ensured the midlands was the perfect location for growing malt barley, distilling and brewing. Thankfully this remains the case today. The River Shannon Brewery team adopts a craft brewing approach inspired by its natural environment and enriched by the traditions and tastes handed down through our ancestors. Brewing is in our DNA.     


The River Shannon Brewery team is determined to play its part in preserving our heritage and helping our community. Our ethos is built on 5 key principles:

  1. Community based brewing 

  2. Embracing change

  3. Developing a learning organisation

  4. Creating a 360° team that is diverse and inclusive   

  5. Promoting sustainability – delivering good jobs, respecting our natural environment and promoting our community



Our vision is to develop an environmentally friendly brewery on the banks of the river Shannon. Three potential locations have been identified and discussions are ongoing.If you are interested in our project and identify with our 5 key principles we would like to hear from you.  Further details can be found on our investor relations page.

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