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Bartender with Beer

About Us

The two founders started this project in June 2020. Inspired by their knowledge and passion for craft brewing and their understanding of the historical significance of their locality, they realised the need to develop a brewery in the area. The region was once synonymous with quality distilling and brewing because of its geographic advantage. As advocates of quality craft brewing the two founders immediately put a plan into action to start a project that would not only produce a quality product but also play an important role in the economic revival of the region.            


We are joined on this journey with four other friends who bring relevant knowledge and industry experience to support us on our journey and ensure we make it a success.

As the business continues to grow we expect to launch a crowdfunding campaign soon to generate investment from likeminded individuals who want to help us take the next step. If you are interested investing and identify with our 5 key values,

please click the button below for more information.

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