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Demystifying the health benefits to Craft Beer

Craft beer on average contains higher levels of nutrients, this is according to Charlie Baumforth a Professor of Brewing Science at the University of California. A recent study by the Journal of the American Society Brewing Chemists further proves this as results claim that beer contains prebiotics and vitamins. This all is irrelevant without consumption in moderation. We don’t recommend drinking beer for its health benefits as the ABV often makes beer more calorie dense. Look for lower ABV if you are trying to cut down on calories but still want a beer. Fortunately with the options craft beer companies provide there is something for everyone. Craft beers ABV can start from 0 and go all the way to 40% with offering at every percentage in between. On top of this there are options, different flavours, styles for every person.

On top of the fact that craft beer offering is much greater and the added benefit of more prebiotics and vitamins according to reports in Ireland craft beer contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Due to the way at which craft beers are consumed people tend to be healthier. Our theory is that less if any binge drinking occurs with craft beer for two reasons. Firstly the price, there is cheaper beer out there that isn’t craft due to economies of scale. Secondly and most importantly in our opinion is the appreciation people that consume craft beer have. Every beer developed by a microbrewery involves time, effort and love that large scale breweries simply don’t offer. People want to know the story behind the beer, they want to drink and appreciate the flavours and the style.

Although strictly speaking craft beers health benefits are marginally better on average than mass produced beer but their offerings (varied ABV and calories) and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle creates a healthier culture around the consumption of beer, this is something we would love to see develop and grow in Ireland and it can start with simply trying a craft beer and identifying the flavours you enjoy!

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