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Reeling in the Years 2022 – River Shannon Brewery Edition

As we approach the year mark on the first brew at River Shannon Brewery we wanted to reflect on the year that we have had and the growth we have experienced. Our initial brew was the Martello Tower IPA in our original browny gold can. This brew was sold in Banagher and Birr, it sold out in January. We were overwhelmed at how well the beer sold and quickly began working on our second brew. We felt that it was important to provide a second option, so we developed the Crank Red Ale. This brew was released in February and just like the IPA sold excellently across Banagher and Birr. Having successfully developed our first two brews we had two new targets as we approached the summer. Firstly, we wanted to change the IPA can colour by inverting it to a white and gold can. Secondly we wanted to expand outside Banagher and Birr.

The Summer approached and we successfully began expanding into Galway, Shannonbridge, Portumna and Riverstown. We targetted these places as they were both in near proximity to the brewery and along the River Shannon. Having analysed our sales and trends from across the industry we learnt that red ales become less popular in the summer months as they can be considered a winter beverage. This lead us to our first collaboration. We teamed up with a local business in Banagher called Outdoosy. Outdoorsy provide sports equipment for outdoor activities. We felt they were the perfect company to team up with to crate our Outdoorsy Summer Pale Ale. This ale which we still have limited stock of still left was a lighter sparkling grapefruit infused ale that was easy to drink and quenched the thirst on those long summer evenings. In recent weeks as we approach our quieter period we have increased our stockists with Spar Mainguard Street in Galway proving to be a major hit with the Galway tourists. The ale once again has become popular as the weather has turned. This quieter period has allowed us to review the year we have had and plan for the future. We have learnt so much as a team and a business this year. We hope in Reeling in the Years 2023 edition we will have more beers and more outlets. Next year is a big year for us, keep an eye out across our social media platform for updates!

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