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The Future of River Shannon Brewery

On reflection of our ‘Reeling in the Years’ blog we wanted to look ahead at what the future holds at River Shannon Brewery. Our aim was always to provide a core range of 3 main products. To date we have two of the core range released, our IPA and Red Ale. We hope in the new year to release the final product to the core range. We also hope to release some exciting collaborations with local businesses to support our values and goals to support locally and bring jobs back to the midlands.

Secondly we want to continue to grow our stockists. Having more outlets to sell our beer makes it more accessible for our customers. We are constantly working on new stockists and increasing our offerings in our current stockists. We now have over 15 stockists across Offaly and Galway. On our end we are actively working on increasing our ability to get the beer further afield with Dublin and Cork very much a huge target of ours.

Finally we want to have our own brewery with a location to sell our beer. This is an end goal for us but we will keep our customers in the loop with any updates on this. For now we will keep working hard on our stockists and continue to provide quality local beer to our customers. Continue you to follow, like and share our content on social media as we will provide our updates across these platforms. Stay tuned!!

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