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Food Pairing with our Crank Red Ale

This blog post looks at our product, the Crank Red Ale and what food we feel goes best with our product. To identify what goes well with our Crank Red we have scoured the internet and tried everything that is suggested to pair with our Red Ale. Our Crank Red Ale has a dark appearance, this is due to the long roasting of the malts. The longer the barley is roasted it allows the sugars to caramelise creating a hint of caramel or toffee in our case. This darker colour creates a richer more intense flavour and as a result contains a slightly bitter flavour.

Like all beers of high, low ABV’s varying malts and carbonation all pair well with fatty, rich and creamy foods like Pizza, Burgers and Wings. This is because beer which is bitter complements salt. Salt neutralizes the bitter elements and lets the taster enjoy the other characteristics in the beer according to researchers at University City’s Monell Chemistry Sense Centre.

Our Crank Ale in particular from our experience goes excellently with Rich, Spicy and Smoked Food. We have found that anything on a barbecue can be paired with our Ale including grilled chicken, burgers and hot dogs. Another suggestion we have is to replace wine in the ‘cheese and wine night’ with our Red Ale. Our Red Ale pairs perfectly with an aged blue cheese or even a mild red cheddar.

Not only have we tried pairing our Red Ale with some delicious accompaniments, we’ve even tried cooking with our Red Ale. It is the ideal beverage for cooking with. Follow our page for some tasty Crank Ale inspired recipes. But for now consider a delicious Crank Red Beer Battered Fish and Chips or a hearty Beef and Ale Stew. You won’t regret it!

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