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Our Guide to Food Pairing with our Martello Tower IPA

So you like our IPA? And who doesn’t love food? Do you want to know what food pairs best with our IPA? There is lot to consider when balancing IPA with food. In this article we will firstly look at the key components of beer that helps decide pairings. We will provide some meals that our IPA works well with and finally we will provide some fun and interesting dishes you could try at home!

There are many considerations when it comes to pairing beer with food. Firstly there is the level of carbonation, our IPA is reasonably well carbonated. Well carbonated drinks are excellent for cutting cream, fatty and rich foods. Secondly the ABV plays a large role in food pairing. Often Double or Triple IPAs are overpowering and actually diminishes the flavours of the food. As IPA’s go our ABV is quite low at 5.2% making it the perfect ABV to enhance the flavour of your food! Finally the fruitiness of the IPA plays an important role in enhancing the flavours of your food. Our IPA has floral and citrusy qualities making it very fruity. It has been described by customers as having an apricot flavour to it. The more fruity the beer the more it enhances the flavours of your food!

Due to the characteristics of our beer and having sampled these pairings first hand here are our following recommendations. The fruitiness, carbonation and ABV would complement spicy or not spicy Asian cuisine! Especially Indian and Thai food. The fruitiness will balance the spices and the carbonation will cut the creaminess of the curries. The other suggestion we make to pair our Martello Tower IPA with are chicken wings and Pizza (Pepperoni to be precise!) This is mainly due to the carbonation cutting the fattiness to this food and the ABV not being too high.

In our next blog we will provide some delicious Martello tower IPA recipes that you can make at home. For now here are our favourite – Beer Bottom Chicken, IPA Battered Fish and Chips and IPA Beer Chilli.

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