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Why you should choose craft beer over mass produced beer

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

You go up to the bar and fancy something other than the regular, you see the local craft beer and wonder what the difference is. 99% of people have heard what craft beer is, its an industry that is steadily rising. Innovation has redefined the alcohol industry in the last 15 years. The number of craft beer companies In Ireland has more than doubled in this time, the same can be said for the gin industry and most recently the Irish tequila industry. But what besides the local production is the difference between craft beer and your regular and why should you opt for craft beer?

Due to the number of microbreweries, there is a focus on quality as well as the emphasis on a distinct flavour. There are far fewer mass produced beer companies worldwide in comparison to craft beer. Every craft beer is made differently and the choices are endless. Session IPA’s, New England IPA's, Hazy IPA's, Red, Brown, Blonde, Amber Ale's, Stout, Porter, Pilsner, Lager the list different types of craft beer is endless. Buying local provides local jobs, a lot of mass produced beer is imported into Ireland. Why buy something that’s not Irish when we have the selection and the quality at our doorstep as well as creating local jobs. Not only are local jobs created directly from craft beer, distribution, packaging, labelling and multiple other jobs create indirect employment also.

You can sleep easy after opting for craft beer knowing that craft beer is far more sustainable than mass produced beer. Craft beer producers tend to focus on buying local produce. As a result of this there if far less emissions used in the production and the transport to you is much shorter. So, if your environmentally aware choose craft! And if you haven't gone craft yet go now!

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